Long Time No Blog

 I wanted to update everyone with what I have been doing lately and why I haven’t been blogging.

I last updated this site about a year and half or so ago when we were living in Abbeville South Carolina and I was working for the Ad Agency Erwin Penland Advertising in Greenville SC. If you google map that it is a pretty intense drive it usually took about 1:15 each way. So I worked from home a few days a week and traveled a decent amount. It was a really cool job were I worked between Verizon Wireless and Android Application Developers to help get App content to place into Verizon Wireless Marketing.

Example of the kind of work I helped with at Erwin Penland
Example of the kind of work I helped with at Erwin Penland

In the summer of 2013 I had decided that I wanted to go back to school part time. My wife teaches at Lander University which is a state university in Greenwood so I looked at what degree’s they offered. I also looked at local MBA programs in the Greenville Area. I knew that I wanted to mainly add to my earning potential and to do something that would interest me. With that in mind decided to start a 2nd bachelors at Lander University working on a Computer Information Systems Degree with a emphasis in Software Development.

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Mr. Money Mustache

Well I have started reading a new blog called Mr. Money Mustache. I have been reading quiet a few financial blogs in the hopes of figuring out best practices for budgeting, investing, and saving.


I have found some good ones including Get Rich Slowly and The Motley Fool. I think they have some great advice for getting into investing and saving money.

I think Mr. Money Mustache is sort of like the financial version of crossfit. It seems crazy but the more you get into it the more it make sense.

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Brooks brothers khakis and why they are great.

Well I wanted to write this post about how awesome brooks brothers no iron khakis are. I bought a pair about 4 years ago and have never had a better set of khakis.
I really like brooks brothers not because of any sort of snobby connotations but because they really make clothes that last until you wear them out. It is hard to find in our throw away world to find something that will really give you a long user life. I think of brooks brothers like the dress clothing version of great outdoors clothing maker’s like arcteryx and outdoor research.

My whole thought is that instead of buying 3 pair’s of discount khakis that will only last a year, that will not be truly wrinkle free, and won’t fit as well just buy one pair of brooks brothers that will last you five. You will look better, feel better, and save money in the long run.
I really think the mantra of less quantity and more quality is the path to happiness and brooks brothers khakis are the business casual version of that idea.


Go try some on and let me know what you think. Also I am always interested in a comparable product but haven’t found one yet.

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Taking a Facebook break

I have decided to take a Facebook and Twitter break indefinitely.

After realizing that it was not adding much to my life I have decided to uninstall both apps from all of my devices, and not login when on my computer.

I think part of the problem with Facebook relates to how it used to be a website that you created content for. Now it is more of a website where you share things that you think are funny or cool or might spark “conversation”. Since it is much easier to share other people’s trash it makes the overall content into trash. There is just too much noise, and too much junk. Also there is not a very good way to filter content out other than blocking people; which is not the ideal of friendship at all.


I have decided that Instagram and Pinterest are much more fulfilling social media sites to use. By their photographic medium it is at least harder to be offensive or obtuse. For some reason the photography sharing part of social media is much more human.

Well let me know what you think about my choice and if you would do the same or what you recommend.


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Long Cane Photography

I am getting back into event and wedding photography so please like my Facebook page and keep me in mind for any of your upcoming events!


I decided that I enjoy event photography enough that I want to get back into shooting weddings and events. I shoot many weddings and events while in college professionally but decided to put it aside once joining the working world. I still really enjoy photography and portraits so I have decided to become a part-time weekend photographer once again.

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