Parenting: Hair Extensions, Cloth Diapers, and Ron Swanson

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I believe it was about 3 a.m. one morning when I was rocking (or attempting to) my sweet teething 9 month old back to sleep.  A sleep deprived parents had many odd thoughts in the early mornings.  In the earlier months, when our newborn was a wee thing, many of those early morning rocks were tearful in exhaustion.  Many times they are contemplative about the path that led us to being blessed with this little person.

(27% of moms are so tired that they’re actually concerned they might fall asleep during the feeding itself.  Source: Evenflo.  

ONLY 27%??)

And sometimes, those early morning thoughts are just bizarre.  I clearly decided that I would be going out for hair extensions in the morning.  Why? Because in my exhuastion, I had calculated how much sleep I could gain if I didn’t have to shower or style my hair.

(Earlier this summer, my hairdresser chopped off ALL of my hair in an attempt to have  short bob.  It looks great on so many people.  Me, notsomuch.  Hair is too thick and curly.  Thus, no ponytail and a summer of hair complaints.)

Once I had gotten a full night’s sleep, I realized I just needed some new Aveda Smooth Infusion, not necessarily hair extensions (plus, my husband did not see through the twist of logic, either).

All of that ridiculous anecdote, just say that parenting is one jumble, exhausted ride.  We may or may not make the right decisions, but we are giving our hearts and souls to raise a child.

Moving on to cloth diapers.  Before our babe was born,  I did a ton of research on cloth diapers.  There tons of information is here on Simple Mom and here from a blogger who uses G hybrids.

bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper 4.0 -Sweet – Snap

After spending way too much time online, I decided to go full cloth diapering mainly because of the financial savings these bad boys would give us! Oh yeah, and they caused less trash, too.  While I just assumed that we would be exclusively cloth diapering (as well as exclusively breast-feeding: but that is a whole different post!),  we ended up using disposables as well.  So, here are my two cents on cloth diapers:

1.  Sizing can be off.  Our boy was a small newborn, and he couldn’t fit in the BumGenuis diapers we’d ordered.  So, we had to run out and grab disposable newborns as soon as we got home.

2. Leaking.  This was an issue with us.  And we. don’t. do. anything. ANYTHING. that would’ve possible caused E-man to wake up.  Therefore, we moved to disposables at night.

3.  Wash – n- wear.  I guess you could call me a lazy CD parent.  There are so many RULES about washing them that I don’t follow.  True.  I just throw them in the wash with our other baby clothes and they hang out to try.  Sure, they would probably work better if I took more time, but I don’t.

4. Number two.  Yep, it is not cool to change one from that and in our house, requires an immediate rinse.

5. Work.  When I went back to work, we had to provide diapers.  Personally, I didn’t want to haul home a bag full of gross diapers everyday, so we moved to Pampers Cruisers.

All in All: If you’re going to go this route, be prepared with some disposable back ups.  Also, we DO use them – when we are sitting around the house and E-man is just in relax mode. Plus, you know that you will actually never run out of diapers, having these in your closet. I like our balance between cloth and disposable; also, I think the Bumgenius Snaps (4.0) are well worth not having extra inserts and  such.

Parks & Recreation: Our Parenting Break.

I would tell any couple who is about to have a baby to add hilarious 25 minute episode comedies to their Netflix queue.  When we actually have an evening to sit down in front of the telly,  we need to laugh and we need to do it quickly!

New parents just don’t have the time or energy to watch a  movie (I think we’ve watched two since E man was born); however, short sitcom episodes are perfect for the exhausted attention span.

Enter Parks and Recreation with Amy Poehler.  This show is. HYSTERICAL.  Seriously, I laugh so hard each episode.  Please, please, please watch it. Ron Swanson is my husband’s doppelganger.

Any new parenting tips or thoughts for exhausted parents?

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  1. Paul M. Cuenin says:

    Parks and rec is the greatest I agree. I like to think of myself as Ron Swanson’s lost brother or maybe my love of the outdoors, solitude, fishing, whiskey, meat, bacon, wooden boats, playing the saxophone, canoes, and libertarianism are just big coincidences… but probably not. E-man is the best decision we ever made, just 3am is not the best time to make another one. Great Post!

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